Abs YAY!
"Excuses are lies we tell ourselves so it doesn't have to be our fault."

Hi there! I'm Lori! I live in Hoboken, NJ and I'm first and foremost the CEO of the Riolo household. My husband works in Real Estate in town, and we have two kiddos - Lucy Flynn (5) and Tyler Beck (4). A little insight into how I got to where I am with this amazing opportunity....


For me, having 2 babies less than 2 years apart left little time to bounce back. Having my second baby weigh in at 10lb10oz made it even harder. Yep, I literally gave birth to a toddler. When he was about a year old, I found myself focusing on how much my body image was (literally) weighing on me. I felt so guilty - thinking how could I have this on my mind when I had so many GOOD things to focus on? And I did focus on them, absolutely! My two healthy babes, my kick ass husband, close family and friends, my busy work life -- so very grateful for it all, however somehow part of me was just feeling super BLAH.

I was tired. Physically tired, and also just really sick of digging through piles of baggy clothes, "nothing to wear" = "nothing fits me", dying to find the right combo to hold me in here or hide me there. It was exhausting, defeating, and sad. Knowing my young daughter was in the next room hearing me hate on myself made things even worse. I had tried (what felt like) everything to kick the weight but nothing up to that point had been working, and for the most part I was a pretty healthy eater. I felt defeated. I gave up, made excuses, and just focused on all the other good stuff going on. It was easier that way. 

It was easier to ignore and make excuses but it was not easing my feelings that I still felt "gross" "tired" "fat". Honestly, I think we all just get to a point where you think enough is enough. It's then that you make up your mind to make a change. I had hit that point. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I was not going to feel yucky anymore. I was ready for a new version of me. A better version of me. A me that has energy and motivation again! I needed to not only envision it, but to believe in this vision. I needed to focus on solutions and not excuses. And most of all, I needed a strategy. So I made one. I found the plan, this plan - Isagenix. I prepared myself mentally, accepting that there would be good days and bad days, cheat days, and wanting-to-quit days and that was ok. I was going to commit and stick with it. I grabbed friends to do it with me for accountability (huge success tip), and I took action. I put these products in my body, I followed the system, I did what I was told, and literally a few days in and I was feeling some changes. It felt like the "fog" was lifted, I was motivated to keep going, energy levels increased, sleeping sounder - BIG DEAL for me. I kept going and did not look back. My clothes were fitting better, I was feeling more comfortable with myself, I had a pep in my step again and it felt f*cking GOOD. It started with a 30 day plan to transform and completely revive me, and here we are 2 years later and I am still putting these top notch products in my body - which is such a testament as to how easy this healthy lifestyle really is to maintain.

(KEY: lifestyle, not a diet!)


People noticed my results. My husband noticed me dressing like me again. My kids noticed me happier and more playful. Not only was I keeping up with their energy, but with more patience and better moods. (Big win there). Friends and family were curious what I was doing, and I was happy to share my secrets. I can't believe how easy this was once I made up my mind to just go for it. Thankful everyday for this system, this community, this lifestyle. Game changing.

I know my kids don't care what I look like or how my clothes fit me. They just want their mom. But they deserve the BEST version of me, and I deserve to BE the best version of me. So much more energy, better sleep, dressing is fun again, and I'm so happy in my own skin. It's meant a better family life, better work life, better social life. For the first time in a very long time I am comfy with ME. Best feeling! And now I get to share this with others. Nothing better than the calls from clients in tears slipping into old clothes and a better version of themselves. WIN WIN WIN!

It's all a mind game my friends. Stop with the excuses. Life is too short to feel anything but your absolute best. Tell your mind it's time, then let's GOOOOO!!! WOOHOO!

Envision a better life... then believe, prepare, plan, and take action. I'm here to help. After all, you have nothing without your health.

I love hearing from you!

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