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A lot of people have questions about the nutrition part of this program, and we should dispel some common myths and misconceptions:

1. You eat REAL FOOD on the program and generally lots of it.  One of the ideas of the program is to flood your body with nutrition its not currently getting - 2 shakes a day is ADDITIVE to your regular whole food diet.  I eat 5-6 meals per day, more than I ever ate before Isagenix.  There aren't huge restrictions on what you're able to eat but you will crave healthy food.  Fact.

2. Unlike so many other programs out there, Isagenix resets your cravings and teaches you how to make healthy choices - AND it almost eliminates cravings for junk, especially carbs.

3. The program is scientifically validated by clinical studies (including data points like people lose TWO TIMES MORE visceral fat than on a heart healthy diet) and by an enormous number of doctors and nutritionists on our team.  Its formulated by a 13 year old, highly rated company with a seriously impressive Scientific Advisory Board.

4. This program is def not exclusively for "weight loss," but if your body would function optimally at a lower weight, it will get you there.  Many people on our team want some darn energy and sleep, better performance, more lean muscle.

5. The products are delicious and filling. Regularly, I want to lick the blender from the shakes I make, and I'm always sad when they're gone.

6. You should NOT be hungry on Isagenix.  If you are physiologically hungry, we will have you increase your calories because your results will be impeded.

7. The results are LASTING.  Many people use this maintenance schedule: a shake for breakfast most mornings and, if/when they start to drag or feel like they need a reset, they do a cleanse day.  We have many nutritionists on our team that have explained why people are able to maintain their results so well; in a nutshell, the program fires up your metabolism and the detox balances your system to function optimally.  Of the 50 of us that started the program 15 months ago together - virtually every single one of us has maintained during that time, combined losses of well over 500 lbs.  Its not magic - if you go back to eating pizza, ding dongs, and guzzling beer every night, you'll rebound - just like everything else.

8. You DO NOT have to buy products every month. Do a 30 day program and you can decide if you ever want to purchase anything again.  There is certainly no obligation.

9. Cleanse days.  If you follow the program as its written - out of 30 days, FOUR days are cleanse or detox days.  You pick the days.  So many doctors and nutritionists advocate for intermittent fasting, but with Isagenix you're supported by products that control your blood sugar, increase your energy and mood, and suppress your appetite.  Cleanse days are not difficult; they're 90% mental.

10. There are even other ways to cleanse.  Some people who prefer not to do a deep cleanse day (intermittent fasting) prefer to do daily cleanse.  That is just drinking 4 oz of Cleanse for Life before bed.

11. It's not THAT KIND of cleanse.  You won't be in the bathroom from this cleanse. You don't need to take time off of work or be at home.  In fact, most people say they have massive amounts of energy and incredible mental clarity on cleanse days.

12. Isagenix is NOT expensive compared to what we spend on things now.  It's less than $5 a meal.  Think about what your Comcast bill costs.  What it costs to get your hair and nails done.  What you spend at Target or Costco when you just go in for "one thing."  A cup of coffee or a latte.  THOSE things are EXPENSIVE.  A program that can transform how you look and feel with a money back guarantee?  You deserve that 100%.

13. Yes, you'll drink and be merry.  People are blown away that they go on vacations where they indulge, party away the weekend, make a few bad decisions and they don't see a huge rebound.  In fact, they're able to get right back on track.  We live rich, full, indulgent lives but we do so feeling so amazing, looking a lot younger than we did before we started, and for many of us able to perform at a much higher level - running faster, lifting heavier - than we have for years.

14. If you don't agree its one of the most transformative things you have ever done, you'll get all of your money refunded.  It's that simple.  Two things could happen in 30 days: you'll get your sexy back or your money back.
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