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We've created a system to set you up with success. I first used this system after my second baby and did exactly this for 30 days and was able to release baby weight that I had tried time and time again previously and nothing would budge. To maximize results, your 30 day system will look a bit like this (totally flexible options, and I can assist in tailoring your plan to fit your needs).


30 day wellness reset: 26 of your 30 days will be "shake days" and will look like this: (everything you need will be supplied with your bundled pack!)

Typical Shake Day, BOOKEND STYLE:

Wake: Drink 1 serving Ionix Supreme (manages energy and stress)

Breakfast: 1st IsaLean Shake + Natural Accelerator

Snack: 100 calorie snack (Hard Boiled Eggs, Almond Butter, Roasted Veggies...)

Lunch: 200-300 cal mini lunch (Salad w/protein, Tuna in Lettuce Wrap, HB Egg, etc.)

Snack: 100 calorie snack + Natural Accelerator

Dinner: 200-300 cal mini dinner (veg/meat, be creative and CLEAN)

Dessert: 2nd IsaLean Shake

Bedtime: 2 IsaFlush 

Note: must consume the 2 shakes, critical for your day.



Breakfast Shake, Snack, Lunch Shake, Snack, then a 400-600 calorie dinner. No "dessert".


SUCCESS TIP: You should not be physiologically hungry on this program. "Hunger" out of boredom or habit is different. Besides your 2 at least 100 calorie snacks on shake days (leave the little Isa Snack tablets for cleanse days), GREEN VEGETABLES ARE FREE all day long. Cucumbers are my favorite. Sliced up with a little stevia sprinkled on them, they taste like watermelon. (Again, only on shake days!)

The other 4 days of the 30 are "cleanse days" and will look like this:


Typical Cleanse Day:

Wake: Drink 1 serving of Ionix Supreme (for energy and stress)

Cleanse Punch: Drink 1 + Natural Accelerator

Snack: Cleanse Day Snack

Cleanse Punch: Drink 2

Snack: Cleanse Day Snack

Cleanse Punch: Drink 3 + Natural Accelerator

Snack: Cleanse Approved Snack

Cleanse Punch: Drink 4

Snack: Cleanse Day Snack

Bedtime: 2 IsaFlush 

Foods to Enjoy & Avoid during an Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing Program

What's In the IsaLean Shakes?


crush your goals

Together we will set up a customized system inclusive of

30 days of 2shakes/day + 2snacks/day + 2meals/day, with unlimited veggies, intermittent *supported* cleanse days, no meal prep or calorie counting, weekly check in, your choice of accountability, meal suggestions, private support group, and at-home no-equipment workout plan.


Join our 30 day SHRED

On average, my clients lose 10-20 pounds on a 30 day system, and without much thought, which is the best part. I lay everything out for you and guide you as much or as little as needed for ultimate success.



Choose your plan, customize your flavors, download our free app then get excited!

For help customizing and for free coaching along the way, reach out to me HERE!


Isagenix Explained

Isagenix Explained

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